DCI is Graded Blockchain

Starting this summer – Dynamic Card Innovation will be hosting our very own Blockchain & Exchange for our customers to buy, sell, trade, & hold their graded cards here digitally.

Your Collection Minted on the Blockchain

The DCI Blockchain is a proof of “work” system. The team at DCI is dedicated to creating data for industry as well as creating a new world of verified grading.
The work done grading and authentication by DCI is documented by DCI professionals at each step of the grading and NFT process. The results of this process are stored and minted as the Metadata on your cards NFT. This allows clients to have an immutable statement of grading as well as access to the DCI blockchain where NFTs operate as tokens for rewards, give-aways, and access to our Pro Chat in Discord. 
The NFT market place will open Aug 3rd and season one rewards will launch weekly after that. Get ready to trade up and trade in.
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Coming Soon

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