About DCI

Learn more about DCI and the team who makes it work! When you need your collection graded, trust in DCI to handle it quickly and accurately.

Our Company

DCI is a third-party trading card authentication and grading company based in Texas. Our team has authenticated and certified memoribilia, autographs, and trading cards across an array of interests. Backed by experience and expertise, we are positioned to provide superior authentication and grading in addition to cementing ownership.

Why Work With DCI?

Have you been considering spending hundreds of dollars on grading cards but are unsure what kind of grades you could receive? Have you ever been disappointed with the final grades from a batch of cards you have sent in to a grading company?

DCI has been the solution for tens of thousands of cards with a better than 95% gem rate when crossing over DCI-graded cards into other grading companies.

With these kinds of results, we have been able to help our customers to key in on the best possible cards to grade through the accuracy and precision of our in-house grading team. In addition to the grading process, the other main frustration we hear in the hobby is the speed of grading.

With DCI our team has achieved a 5 business day turnaround on all orders that are shipped to our office and a 3 hours turnaround time when you come and meet us at a local show.Follow us on social media to see where DCI will be next!